yaravera amidas

Amidas is your Premier Product for Topdressing Corn with Nitrogen and Sulfur

Key Highlights:

  • Single Granule Containing 40% Urea/Ammonium Nitrogen and 5.5% Sulfate Sulfur (40-0-0-5.5s)
  • 12 times harder than Urea = more consistent spread pattern and reduced leaf burn
  • Ability to blend with K-Mag(0-0-22-22s-11mg), Procote Zinc/ Boron for even higher yield increases
  • Application rates range from 200-400lbs /acre
  • Sulfate Sulfur reduces Nitrogen volatilization, reducing Nitrogen stabilizer rates

Split applications increases yield because it supplies Nitrogen and Sulfur efficiently, when corn needs it the most

Risser Grain offers timely service to Application Partners by using tender trucks and trailers from two blend facilities in Pennsylvania.

The Nitrogen and Sulfur in one granule eliminates streaking in the field and provides even application

YaraVera Amidas can be spread up to 120ft, a 33% increase compared to Urea/AMS blends

Risser Grain has a wide range of distribution and custom applications partners through the North East. Please call 1-888-845-1814 to find out about our services in your area.